We Are Match Play

Play, post and share your victory

Upload matches you played against your friends and follow your favourite players. Add photos to your match and show your friends who’s boss and who lost.

Automatically calculate your score

Fill in your full scorecard or just set the final score. Automatically calculate your strokes with our 35.000 Golf courses database. No cheating this time!

Join the Summer ranking

The Summer Ranking is the official leaderboard for all golfers connected to the WAMP app. Play matches against your friends or rivals, and become the number one player of WAMP!

Compare stats with friends and players all over the world

The fight over who beat who is over. WAMP keeps track of your stats and makes sure you’re always up to date. It’s the perfect App to compare your stats to golfers all over the world.

Create golf competitions

Create a competition, invite some players and we will take care of the rest. From point allocation to matching the correct players, WAMP takes care of all the logistics and calculations.

Would you like WAMP to organise your competition? Contact us at info@wearematchplay.com with your inquiry.

Become a golf Champion

Playing golf will never be the same again. Earn and defend your shiny badge by playing against your friends and rivals, and become the golf Champion of WAMP!

Follow the stories

Exclusively to WAMP, Thomas Pieters tells us how he gets himself back to the top of the leaderboards post-injury.