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Nothing! The download of the app, the registration, as well as all functions in the app are absolutely free-of-charge.

Yes. As you start a match you have the possibility to create a guest. Meanwhile the best move would be to invite your friend to download the app in order to also enjoy the benefits of using WAMP.

The strokes for each player are calculated automatically by the app as you start a match. Strokes are calculated based on your handicap, your opponents handicap, and finally the course you are playing. The app takes into consideration the slope and rating of each course in the database.

Of course! With WAMP, you can play single (one on one) and foursome (two on two) in 4BBB. Playing a treesome will be available soon.

We have over 34,000 courses active and available in our system already. However all users can easily update and create courses to keep the app up to date. If you do so, first off all, thank you for taking the time to edit an already existing course or to add a new one!  We are always trying to have the most up to date information for our customers, and we really appreciate our customers taking the time to help us out!  Once the updates have been submitted and approved, they will then be applied to the database by the WAMP team.


The short answer is: unfortunately not yet…. We are working on it though! Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop on when this will be launched. We recommend making the most of that time to work even harder on your swing.