How it works

Frequently asked questions


How much does the WAMP app cost?

The download of the app, the registration as well as all functions in the app are absolutely free-of-charge.


Can I play with a player who doesn’t have the app?

As you start a match you have the possibility to create a guest. Meanwhile the best move would be to invite your friend to download the app in order to also enjoy the benefits of the app.


Stroke calculations… how does that work?

The strokes for each player are calculated automatically by the app as you start a match. Strokes are calculated in function of your handicap, the one from your challenger(s) and the course on which you are playing. The app takes into consideration the slope and rating of each course in the database.


Can I play 2 against 2 matchplay?

With WAMP, you can play single (one versus one) and 4BBB (two versus two). Playing a treesome will be available soon.


On which golf courses can I use the app ?

We have over 34,000 courses active and available in our system already. However all users can easily update and create courses to keep the app up to date. If you do so, first off all, thank you for taking the time to edit an already existing course or to add a new one! We are always trying to have the most up to date information for our customers, and we really appreciate our customers taking the time to help out! Once the updates have been submitted and approved, they will then be applied to the database by the WAMP team.

How does the ranking work?


What is the Wamp Ranking?

The WAMP Ranking is the official leaderboard for all golfers connected to the WAMP app. The Ranking, is the place to see your stats and compare your Rank to the Ranks of golfers all over the world.

To participate, play single or double matches against your friends or rivals, and become the number one player of WAMP. The more the play, the higher the chance you’ll end up on one of the top spots of the leaderboard.


How does the scoring system work?

You already have! If you have downloaded the WAMP App from the App Store or Google Play Store, you’re automatically added to the Ranking.

Every player starts with 100 points right off the bat.


The amount of points you get after playing a game depends on your result and the type of game you’ve played. Below, you’ll find a list indicating the amount of points you’ll get based on the result and type of game.


For every game you win (single or 4BBB), you’ll get 50 points.


For a draw, 25 points.


And if you lose, you’ll still get 10 points.


But for every week you don’t play a match, you’ll lose 1 point, so remember to keep playing!



Serial Winners

WAMP players who win multiple matches in a row without losing or squaring, will be awarded with special badges in the app. We have four different badges:

  1. The Bronze badge (win 5 games in a row)
  2. The Silver badge (win 7 games in a row)
  3. The Golden Badge (win 10 times in a row)
  4. The Diamond Badge (win 15 times in a row)


There are two ways in which you can lose your status:

  1. You don’t play a match for an entire month
  2. You lose three matches in a row

For example, if you have the Golden badge and you lose three games in a row, you’ll drop down to the Silver status. If you have the Bronze badge, you’ll lose your badge entirely.


These badges will also be shown next to your profile picture in the app, on the online leaderboard and on your personal profile on the app.


Fair Play

  • To receive a badge, you’ll have to win a set amount of games in a row. Drawing or losing a game will reset your winning streak back to 0.
  • Matches need to be verified by a registered WAMP App user before points are allocated.
  • Single matches played against a guest who doesn’t have a WAMP account do not count towards the ranking and badges.
  • Double matches with one guest per team do count towards the Ranking and badges. If there are more guests, you won’t receive points.


Beating a Serial Winner

Winning a match against a Serial Winner will result in extra points for you. So don’t be afraid to take on one of the best, everybody loves a good underdog story. (So be the David to take on Goliath.) See the table below for point allocation:



So be the David to take on Goliath.


Where Can I View the Ranking?

You can find the official leaderboard of the WAMP Ranking in the app and online at Both leaderboards will show the amount of points, the Rank and the handicap score of all participating payers.


Bi-weekly mail updates

Every other week, you will receive an email with your latest stats, the top 10 players of the WAMP Ranking at that moment and other informative news.

Don’t want to receive these emails? Go your settings in the app, click on ‘email settings’, and disable the checkbox.


Homeclub Ranking

Alongside our global Ranking, we also offer a home club Ranking. This is a Ranking exclusive to the members of your golf club.

For €500,- you can create such a platform within the WAMP app. Do you think this might be a fun idea for your golf club? Convince a couple of your friends, your local sponsor and/or your club captain to get your own exclusive Ranking. Please contact for enquiries.