‘We at WAMP, have principles and ideas. We created an App based on the game of golf, but made for life. Life is Match Play. Rules are set out. We meet teammates and opponents. Our goal is clear, we want to come out as the best. But we do this within the lines. We take on challenges. We handle strong winds and bad bounces, because they happen on the course, as they do in life. The harder the conditions, the sweeter the victory. Even a loss we can accept, as long as we fought with a lion’s heart. We create miracles. Every incredible story, in Match Play as in life, started with somebody who believed in themselves. Refused to lay down. Did not accept the odds. Match Play tells us who we are. It brings out the best in you, but also the worst. We are big in victory, but great in defeat. We want to win, but will be graceful in defeat. We prefer to lose a great game in sportsmanship, over being the winner by bending the rules.

So, yes, WAMP is a way of life. A spirit we, our Ambassadors, our Friends and our Sponsors subscribe to.

If you accept the course of life, fight for what you believe in, try to get the best out of yourself, believe that you can stand up even when things do not look good, you are Match Play. We are Match Play.

You can push us, we might fall. But you will never get us down. We Are Match Play.’