The Battle of the Belgians

A match play golf competition between Flanders and Wallonia, with a Ryder Cup style final event! Yes, this is going to be a long exciting Golf Winter for Wampions!

After the great success of the Belgian Club Knockout last
summer, you can now compete in your home club to become the
best player! If you win, you join TEAM NOORD or TEAM SUD for
a true Ryder Cup style final at The National in Sterrebeek on the 21st of March 2020.


Winter WAMP Club Rankings

In every participating golf club are the members competing for a spot in The Battle of the Belgians. You can check the club rankings in the app when you tap on the trophee icon and swipe left.


How does the ranking system work?

– Every player starts with 100 points
– Win = 50 points
– Draw = 25 points
– Loss = 10 points
– 1 week without posting a match = -1 punt
– 4BBB game = Both players receive points


The Ranking ends on the 1st of March 2020.

The winner (plus a friend!) of each club ranking will be invited by the
team captain of their region to compete in The Battle of the Belgians
at golf club The National in Sterrebeek, Brussels.
Two teams of 36 golfers will compete for the Cup.

The Final will be a Match Play Ryder Cup style competition.

– 6 holes 4BBB
– 6 holes Foursome
– 6 holes single.

The Battle is on!


Team captains

We are happy to announce the team captains for the Battle of the Belgians. The winners of the world cup of golf 2018 are going to give their best to take home the victory with Team Noord or Team Sud.

Captain Team Noord: Thomas Pieters

Captain Team Sud: Thomas Detry

We wish you all the best of luck and may the best team win!